Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elder's Quorum Cake {Omaha Celebration Cakes}

This cake is an 8 inch chocolate cake and a 10 inch white cake, both covered in butter cream and then fondant. The fondant easily pulls away for those who don't love it, but let's be fondant knocks the pants off store brands :)

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Lindsay Ernst said...

OMG you are soo fast! I just posted that haha! Thanks so much for your reassurance. I feel like now when I resize them they are a mess and soooo grainy :( I'm not sure how to fix it because it takes too long to load if I don't resize! I didn't know you had ALL of these fabulous blogs! How amazing! You're cakes are stunning. Looks like your my next cake lady to try. I used to acquaintances and they looked cute but were so not delicious!! Anyway, thanks again for commenting!! Happy Friday!