Thursday, April 14, 2011

More on Ms. K's Zebra and polka dot cake

I thought I should share a few pictures of the inspiration for the cake.  Ms. K wore a zebra striped/hot pink/white polka dotted outfit made by (will fill in as soon as I know, lol).  
Professional portrait by Photos by Liz.  Find her on Facebook or at her website.
The cake topper was based on her invitation (seen below in a cell phone pic) and coordinated perfectly.  Both of those were designed by Simply Said by Courtney.  Her blog and facebook page have more information.

The entire party was put together by Marcia, of Your Perfect Day Wedding Planning (who happens to also be Ms. K's mother).  Find her on facebook as well.

The "K" was found at Hobby Lobby the day before the party in a chance encounter!  I didn't know they had alphabet initials for cakes at that store!  It was $3.99...I really want to get some of every letter (in case they quit carrying them) but that seems a bit obsessive, lol.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Monkey-ing Around {Omaha Birthday Cakes}

Ms. K turns two and she is TU-TU excited!  Her colors are zebra stripes, pink polka dots, and lime green accents.  Her theme is monkeys and tutus!  So cute, just as she is.
The cake is loosely based on her outfit she will be wearing today at the party.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Millard West Craft Fair, a success

 I took the beautiful pink sun rise to be a good sign for the Millard West Craft Fair.  It was bright and early when we got there, but we as we set out our merchandise, our spirits were high and you could feel the excitement in the air.
 I really enjoy meeting new people, talking about my "goods" and my friends "goods" and also just trying to get people excited.  I wish I'd walked around and taken pictures of all the gaudy, awful things that were was like a really old lady's dream come true.   BUT...I decided that'd be tacky and didn't do it.  See, I have some manners ;)
 Overall it was a fun day with Lori and Candace.  I am debating on doing more or not...time will tell.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Green Wave Ladies Night Boutique

The Saddlebrook Craft Fair, AKA:  Green Wave Ladies Night Out, was a success.  I tried to give away LOTS of business cards, so if you are visiting because you met me there, WELCOME!
I had Pyper with me, selling adorable covers to keep the sun and dirty strangers from little babies and fleece covers as well.  As soon as I dig her card from my stuff, I will post her site here.
This was my first time having a dummy cake and I think it was a success...except for the whole unable to eat styrofoam part ;).  I did have cake samples BUT there was no room so they had to stay in the car :(  The TRAVESTY!
Saturday is the Millard West Craft Fair from 9-4 then Sunday is etsy listing day!  I have Easter iron ons, lots of new BOY iron ons (plus two for girls!), and neck ties and bow ties!  I can't wait to share them all with you!