Thursday, September 16, 2010

Iron On Instructions

Follow these few simple steps to successfully apply your iron on kit to any fabric surface you'd like.


1.         Preheat iron to wool setting (medium high heat) without steam.
2.         Lay out all pieces on shirt to make sure you have an idea of how it should look when finished.
             Peel off paper backing from each piece.
3.         Place material, adhesive side down (shiny and smooth), in desired position on top of shirt.  Press and hold iron for 5-7 seconds on each section until entire piece is bonded.  (ironing time may vary)  Let shirt cool 10-15 seconds then repeat.  Do not leave the iron in one place for more then a few seconds.  ***I am not responsible for over-ironing your kit.  Ironing the kit once or twice should be more then enough time to seal your kit to your fabrics***

4.        FOR TURKEYS:  Use a fabric glue, hot glue, or super glue to carefully add the wiggly eyes.  Do not iron over the eyes...turn the shirt inside out to iron if you need to reattach any parts.

Do not sew.  Due to the thickness of the adhesive, machine stitching is not advisable. 
If a small section peels off in the wash, simply iron back into place, placing a damp rag over the section to help seal it down.  
 However, Heat-n-Bond should  not lift or pucker after washing.  
 For  best results, lay flat to dry.   The heat from the dryer can cause some pieces to come unglued.  If you forget and it goes in the dryer and a piece happens to come off, simply iron it back in place (except turkeys, if it is near the eyes, then turn inside out to iron)

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