Monday, August 23, 2010

It was a long week, but it was fun! {Omaha Birthday Cakes, Omaha Wedding Cakes, Lincoln Brithday Cakes}

This past week I had THREE cake orders (and my husband's birthday party) and I was a major contributor to a wedding cake (LONG story).
Though I did not see the cake 100% finished, the bride had picked a lovely image for me to cut out of gum paste and I bet Jean did a fabulous job finishing it (I can't wait for the bride to get back from her honey moon and post pictures!).  I did about 55-70% of the total work and loved the bottom layer (the only one I got to see finished in person).
Here are the four birthday cakes I did this past week:
My first time using shimmer dust (or whatever it is called.)  I forgot to cut it with corn starch, so it was a bit strongly colored, but Isabella LOVED it anyway.  This was my first stand up tiara and I thought it was so cute.

This was my first delivery to somewhere more then a few miles away.  I was so nervous, but it worked out great!  My friend said everyone loved it, which made me happy, since I just knew something had magically happened to it during the car trip from Omaha to Lincoln.  :)
This cake was for my friend's son and features the print and cut feature of the Silhouette.

My husband's birthday cake.  He is a huge Phineas and Ferb fan :)

I don't see myself doing this much cake in one week anytime soon, but with some careful planning, a supportive family, and a "figure out plan B" attitude, I survived.  Maybe it was all the frosting I was eating throughout the process.  He, he, he.

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Dawne said...

They all look awesome! You really made jonas' birthday special, and I appreciate all your hard work.