Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Princess Birthday Cake {Omaha Birthday Cakes}

This was my first time using shimmer dust and my first time to do a stand up image.  I made the tiara last week (out of gum paste) so it had a long time to dry hard.  Isabella is a very girlie girl, so I hope she likes my interpretation of girlie girl (Her mom just told me a few things she liked and favorite colors and let me go from there!)

Today I finished cutting out designs for a wedding cake I am helping with.  I am not baking/frosting/stacking it.  I am just cutting the designs and covering the cakes in fondant.  It's a team work cake :)  I can't wait to post a picture.  Plus, a Toy Story cake for my friend Dawne and a Disney Princess cake for my friend Jenny in Lincoln.  What a cake week!

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