Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kentucky Derby {Omaha baby shower cakes}

 I always giggle a little when someone asks, "Can you do a .... cake?" Fill in blank:  graduation, super hero, random color choice, whatever.  Sure, just because I haven't done that theme yet doesn't mean I can't.
However, I was stumped when the theme of Kentucky Derby came through my inbox.  I was not sure how to convey both the elegance and sport of the KD with a baby shower.  
So, lots and lots of image searching, IMing my cake consultant, Megan, calling my mom and day dreaming about this cake...and  I am very happy with the final product. 
The colors were coral and gold.  I painted a cream gumpaste band with gum glue, then poured LOTS of gold shimmer dust on top to create a solid gold band.  I will probably not do that again, unless for a small cake like this one.  It was not hard, but you don't want to touch it because that can mess up the shimmer. 

I found an image of a rose that I felt would be simple enough for the cake, but also pretty and something you could tell was a rose!    The horseshoes were simple shoes that I lightly dusted with the gold shimmer dust before applying, to give it some golden sheen.

For the top, I loved the idea of a lady in a big hat as a silhouette. (Thanks MR for that idea!).  I went with a dark chocolate brown to compliment the colors of the shower.  And man, did the brown really tie it all together in what I hope would make anyone in attendance at the KD proud ;)
I think the reason I was so nervous about this cake all dates back to college.  My kinesiology professor (for two semesters, even though I tried to NOT have him the second time around) was a HUGE Kentucky Derby fan and attended EVERY in, he had permission to give his finals early so he could leave for a weekend trip to Kentucky.  True story.
I guess remembering how much he loved it made me feel I had to do a really good job to pass his class, lol...even though that is not even close to the truth!  But I think that random tie with that professor who made me nervous and pushed to hard spilled over into this part of my life.
Funny how things like that happen.

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