Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweet 16, Graffiti Style {Omaha birthday cakes}

There were lots of surprise cakes to be made this month!  This is the second of three!
Paul is an artist and his mom thought it would be neat to have some of his artwork on his cake.  She snuck into his room and snapped pictures of some of his artwork on his walls then emailed them to me.
I printed them onto frosting sheets and used them to decorate the sides of this delicious cake.  Seriously delicious.  Top tier:  Italian Cream with cream cheese frosting.  Bottom tier: Orangecreamsicle (aka:  Fred Flintstone PushPop in a cake!)
I was struggling with the font to use on this cake, but once I noticed that there was a word in a "graffiti" font, not just another part of the artwork, I did a quick google search to find "graffiti font" and BAM, perfect BOY sweet 16 cake.  Boy cakes are a bit tricky to figure out, but taking the time to really think it through can really pay off.

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