Monday, May 9, 2011

Surprise Birthday Cake {Papillion/Omaha Birthday Cakes}

Before I baked cakes, I scrapbooked.  While I still love to scrapbook, it seems I rarely get to do it anymore!
I do get together with a GREAT group of girls about once or twice a quarter to scrapbook and relax. 
Linda's birthday is not until July, but most of us won't be around for her BIG 6-0 day, so we decided to surprise her, and her daughter, Stacy, with a cake at our scrapbook day on 4/30.
It was a lot of fun to plan the surprise and the best part?  Linda sneaking cake to "take home to her husband"...that cake never made it past the front door :)

Thanks ladies for being such a great group of friends!  I LOVE when we get together and scrapbook, gossip, and just have FUN!

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